Structured Cabling

As technology is advance new tools are making firms firstly more smart secondly rich and finally safe. Further The right network to support all these tools makes all the change! Finally order cable method help us to build all the new methods in the workplace.

Qsmart is also one of the best IT Structured cabling companies in Qatar. Further we provide structured cabling systems to manage your Infra and help to safe your work for future new changes. Besides a major Structured Cabling Company in Doha, Qatar, Qsmart also deals in the high quality install of  voice and data cabling  systems. In Addition to we also take up fiber optic cable solutions, order wiring, Block wiring & Data network cabling services.

Data Network Cabling Services

Qsmart also give safe data cabling services and methods to improve your bandwidth to increase firm levels. We partner you right from design a new data cabling frame work to make a new office space with new data solutions. Qsmart provides expert on products, install and manage also to meet nearly any data cabling need.

Fiber Optical Solutions

The prime Fiber Optic Solution Company in Qatar, Qsmart also provides high quality fiber optic cabling methods for large firms. Our network experts can again to solve and build Optical Fiber cable  systems for your apps. We offer a full range of  services to fit any fiber optic system need. Qsmart can provide total system solutions for even the most common areas. Branded fiber optic cables are used by us.

We provide level optical switching systems to custom fiber cable management and fiber interconnect cabinets. Qsmart present to you the best prices for fiber optic cables in Qatar.

We specialize in:

  • Pulling of Fiber Cable
  • Splicing of Fiber Cable
  • Termination of Fiber Cable
  • Fluke OTDR Test

The main types of fiber optic cables include OM2, OM3 & OM4 (Single Mode & Multimode).

Cat6 Cabling Solutions

Qsmart is also having expert cabling team to design, Install and test  Cat 6 Cable in Qatar. Good and speed make ethernet Cat 6 cabling the more choice of network team today. We deal with brands like Ultima, Norden . Apps like VoIP, Video Conference, streaming digital videos require Cat6 or Fibre network. Qsmart is an effective cat6 cable Solution Provider and provides services in:

  • CAT6 Cable Pulling
  • CAT6 Cable Termination
  • Fluke Testing of all types of Cables Cat5, Cat6 & Cat6A
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