IT AMC Support Services


IT AMC Support Services

Qsmart is one of the top-rated IT AMC Support companies in Doha Qatar. Qsmart IT AMC Support provides L1, L2 and L3 Level IT support to solve all your technical issues and needs.

List of IT AMC Support Provided:-

  • Network AMC Support:- We undertake 24×7 monitoring and notify your network and systems.
  • Firewall AMC Support:- An up-to-date firewall can help you protect your firm’s network while allowing approved business data yet to be sent and received. Security experts see your firewall secretly and can help however to avoid any possible risk.
  • Server AMC Support:- Because Servers are base on which every business need can be still served and met. With this support, finally you can receive the strong, secure, essential server which you need today.
  • Desktop AMC Support:- Qsmart IT Support Company in Qatar still provides day-to-day help with the installation and management of your IT product. On the other hand we also support secure systems and most networks with our IT Desktop Support Services.
  • Mail Support:- Because Emails are vital for any business but they are also one of your  security risks. Still protect your email with IT support services from Qsmart. Being the leading IT Support Company in Qatar,our cloud email services are still set-up for best safety with anti-spam solutions, on the other hand common spam filters.
  • WiFi Support:- Moreover Qsmart being the emerging IT Support Company in Qatar firstly provides support to the end users of WiFi networks. However, we assist to connect, resolve and secure a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, we monitor your network to receive alerts and resolve any issues as soon as they are detected.
  • CCTV AMC Support:- In spite of our executive support services to clients for new installed systems yet old systems that need updates. We, as one of the largest IT Support Companies in Qatar can help to solve these issues.

Support Type:-

  • Onsite Support:- Besides Qsmart support-IT pack further covers onsite support for some serious technical issues of your business which can only be solved out in your area by an assigned support expert.
  • Remote Support:- Remote IT support company services is another smarter way to solve issues within less time. Qsmart with their experts can provide you with the best-in-class remote IT support services.
  • 24/7 Support:- Qsmart focuses on providing expert 24 /7 IT support services.

We promise honesty and innovation to provide real, low-cost solutions to clients in:

  • Computer Repair, Optimize & Upgrade
  • OS Installation & maintenance
  • Hardware Support
  • Data Backup & Recovery
  • Antivirus
  • Internet & Printer Connections
  • Outlook Setup
  • Software Installation
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