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High-End AV Solutions

What if you can finally create a theatre-like enjoyment in the comfort of your room? Just sit back with your family and watch a movie that starts closer to you than before. What if you can surprise your staff with a new meeting experience? Qsmart’s latest and high-end AV solutions offer home and office services at low cost since expert AV Solution Company in Qatar.

Our commercial solutions offer various services besides cover from video conferences to AV giving systems. We help you install lasting easy-to-operate AV systems in your meeting spaces. We will bring style and joy to your home or office with our new products. Qsmart can solve any AV-related needs with less effort because we are the emerging AV Solution company in Qatar.

Our brands are:- Vidyo, Neets, Ctouch, Phoenix, Logitech, Cisco, Viewsonic, Starleef etc..

Interactive Touch Screen

Now the meetings become more effective and ideas are conveyed with coherence and precision. Our best-in-class interactive touch screens will bring cool and class to your meeting rooms, classrooms, or training sessions. In our commercial-grade solutions, everything you need for an effective meeting and efficient training comes together: whiteboard, video conferencing, wireless content sharing, and many more. Our expert team focuses on touch screen technology, digital displays and interactive solutions. Qsmart AV Solution company helps you to transform the way you present, meet, collaborate, learn and teach.

AirServer Connect

AirServer Connect is one of our exciting AV solutions. AirServer Connect is the most sophisticated screen mirroring software receiver for Mac and PC and is the world’s first all-in-one mirroring device that supports 4K 60FPS streaming. AirServer Connect allows you to receive AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast streams, all at the same time, and with its own wireless guest network which makes it super easy to plug-in and use. This little device can consistently receive and display 8+ connections simultaneously in full 1080p

Huddle Room Technology

Huddle Room Technology (HRT) is a powerful tool for video collaboration. HRT is transforming and revolutionizing the way collaborative video meetings are being held. A huddle room is a small meeting space, equipped with teleconferencing and collaboration technologies, and designed to host three to six people. Huddle rooms are the best way to bridge the communication without a need to invest in expensive, large traditional conference rooms. One display-multiple presentations, seamless connectivity, and integrated video conferencing make this technology loved by companies. We help you bring this technology to your meeting room and give it a novel look. Qsmart AV Solution make this HRT Technology to reality.

Video Conferencing Solution

Modern businesses and organizations rely on video conferencing to collaborate and meet with remote colleagues and partners. We offer affordable, ideal and up to the minute video conferencing requirements, small room to cinema-level, to businesses ranging from start-ups to corporates, educational institutes, non-government organizations, etc. Our solutions support video conferencing to and from the desktop, mobile devices, and conference rooms to allow easier, smooth and more transparent interactions. We are ready to provide and help with this solution being the AV Solution Provider Company in Doha Qatar.

Audio Technology

Qsmart AV Solution Company provides custom, industry-leading audio technology for both commercial and residential spaces with reasonable price. Audio technology provides an interactive component to training or education sessions done at a distance. It is a cost effective system that helps users connect with the other users and the trainer or instructor.  Our services are architected to provide users with premium wireless audio connectivity, high levels of integration, impressive sound quality, and on-device AI for smarter audio applications.

Meeting Room Management

A smooth, easy to use and digital meeting room management system is a key essential when you want productive office time and efficient work processes. Qsmart’s meeting room management solutions will help you schedule meetings and manage client appointments on your browser, tablet, phone and even Outlook. Our solutions include integrated meeting room booking software, desk booking software and signage, visitor management, displaying upcoming meeting schedules, etc. Contact us for any requirements in this regard being the prominent AV Solution Company in Qatar.

Video Wall

Qsmart AV Solution Company in Qatar offers all the must-have features for world-class video walls. Video wall technology is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to deliver seamless images, scalability to any size or shape, and excellent optimal characteristics. Our diverse solutions of industry-leading video walls including LCD, LED rear-projection and RGB laser rear-projection, encompass different technologies, sizes and resolutions which deliver superior visual performance. We provide video wall services for diverse environments like control rooms, digital signage and architectural applications.

Outdoor LED Display Systems

Qsmart’s outdoor LED display services offer affordable, reliable, high-end and fit for all-weather solutions that use the finest quality components available.  Available in various sizes and pixel pitches, and architected for 24/7 outdoor display applications such as advertising, digital signage and broadcast, our outdoor LED displays produce the perfect and quality images even in direct sunlight and feature best viewing experience supported with optimal color, brightness and contrast. Our AV Solution covers outdoor LED Display Services as we are the leader AV Solution Company in Qatar.

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