Asset Management system is a web-based IT software that helps to monitor and manage assets in network from Planning phase to Disposal phase. System provides a number of ways to ensure discovery of all the assets in network. we can manage software & hardware assets, ensure software license compliance and track purchase orders & contracts.

System, enables an organization to examine the need for, and performance of, assets and asset systems at different levels. Additionally, it enables the application of analytical approaches towards managing an asset over the different stages of its life cycle (which can start with the conception of the need for the asset, through to its disposal, and includes the managing of any potential post disposal liabilities. asset tracking systems will allow you to stop wasting time & losing your assets. System provides barcode-scanning technology and simple tools to find assets, get information about them, and access their history. Easily check-in and check-out assets to an employee or location, and generates customizable reports. It includes mobile handheld-terminal support, available in batch or wireless mode, asset tracking software also adds a reservation function—find or make reservations for assets—and an embedded label-designer with print capability.

Asset management system provides the following features:

  • Discover all the assets in network.
  • Manage and Monitor software and hardware assets.
  • Manage the complete IT Asset lifecycle.
  • Ensure software license compliance.
  • Make informed decisions about hardware and software purchases throughout the entire Life Cycle.
  • Track Purchase Orders and Contracts.
  • Know the total cost of ownership of an asset.